Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wish List: Dog Shoes

Ladies and gents, I have seen a lot of dogs cavorting around in sneakers recently and, frankly, it really grinds my gears. Last time I checked, dogs were animals. Animals with "paws" that are supposed to be able to get them from place A to place B without the aid of miniature Converse. Call me crazy, but every dog I've seen rocking kicks has looked even sadder than those husbands you see waiting on the "Man Chair" while their wives trawl Ann Taylor.

When wearing shoes, their little canine eyes look even more melancholy than the ones in those appalling "Rescue Me From The Pound" commercials. Except for this guy:

I don't begrudge him his shit eating grin (why is that an expression?? I would not be smiling if I was consuming a keester cake) because he seems to be sporting the dog version of the LA Gear "LA Lights" light up sneakers I begged my parents for in 1992.

Anyway, I think I am going to start a new trend: to take back footwear and strike a blow for humans with dog shoes!

They'll be the new UGGS, methinks.


  1. That's the most goddam effed up picture i've seen this week. Help, I'm on acid!

  2. i came across this while looking up Dog Shoes , i live in a ghetto forested area with lots of stabby plants , broken glass , and rusty metal shards sticking out of the ground . me and my dog log anywhere between 2 and 10 miles a day on foot . thats why i am getting my dog shoes . but , i have to agree that its sad to see most dogs in shoes . particularly none athletic breeds , owned by none athletic people . *sigh*

    1. Oh, I certainly do not begrudge your dog its shoes. I also live in a ghetto area with stabby stuff lying in wait for me to stand on. When I log that many miles barefoot then, and only then, will I feel free to criticize your canis familiaris. I'm glad you're with me on the other pooch wear. I wouldn't knock a dog in penny loafers, though. That would be acceptable.