Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rave: Ronnie's South East Asian Sojourn

Hello my lovely readers! Long time, no rant.

No, I haven't been killed by an insane Opus Dei Ranga hell bent on suppressing my knowledge of his evil doings. I also have not run off to join a wayward band of knife fighters. Far better friends, someone actually paid me money to do "research" in South East Asia! (shown below)

*side note: Readers. I am so happy here that I have lost my edge. I have nothing to rant about - only raves, i tell you. I am sure approximately 33 nanoseconds in Brooklyn will fix all of that.

What this means is that I decided to smear some greasepaint under the old peepers and "go rogue" for a few months. It also means that I have neglected to inflict my unique brand of psychotic venting on you for a while. I'm sure you managed without me somehow (although I'm sure it wasn't easy).

Well, I'm not back yet; I still have a week or so of mayhem left. However, I thought I'd whet your appetites a little by mentioning the following events and places which will be discussed upon my return:

- A wild west town in Laos run entirely by children aged 3-6 years old.
- My Apocalypse Now style trip down the mighty Mekong river
- An overland journey in a school bus through a town the Lonely Planet describes as "the armpit of Cambodia".
- Watching an 8 year old get knocked unconscious at a professional Muay Thai kickboxing match.
- My sensual massage at a women's correctional facility.
- And many more ridiculous situations that I managed to get myself in to.

See you soon


  1. Dear Veronica, I am living in Cairo and i am an avid reader of your blog. I walk around this amzing city of 20 million people and think "how would Veronica deal with this?"
    You should come over...