Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vewwy Scewwy: Sinkholes!

As I was perusing the news a few moments ago, I came upon the following picture. May I be the first to say a resounding "What.The.Hell??"

Apparently, this "giant sinkhole" just opened upin Guatemala City after some floods. It ate a building and an entire intersection. What?!? Were you all aware that this could happen? Because, if so, one of you could have let me know. I might have turned out like the poor family of four from Quebec who died while a giant sink hole swallowed their house as they watched ice hockey on TV.

Where does that thing even go? Is there molten-hot magma at the bottom? 

Maybe I'm being rash. Perhaps that was just a bad angle.

 Uh, no. 

What with this, the flaming tornadoes and the standing-up-anteaters, I'm off to pour myself a double strength G&T to drink in my bunker as I wait for Armageddon.

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